Learning Objetives

In this module, you will:

  • Talk and write about computer applications in everyday life.
  • Study the basic structure of a computer system.
  • Study the differences between certain types of computer.
  • Learn how to classify computer devices.
  • Learn about the structure and functions of the CPU.
  • Learn how to distinguish between RAM and ROM.
  • Learn about how memory is measured.
  • Learn and use relative pronouns.
  • Learn how to enquire about computers in a shop.



Unit 1- Living in a digital age

We are now living in what some ppeople call the digital age

UNIT 2 - COllocations words

It is made up or two or more words that are commonly…….

unit 3-Inside the system

The nerve center of a PC is the processor, also calledthe CPU.

Unit 4-buying a computer

Do you need a laptop or desktop? What is the machine going to be used for? Once you have done this go back to number ….