A cock was once strutting up and down the farmyard among the hens when suddenly he espied something shinning amid the 

straw. “Ho! ho!” quoth he, “that’s for me,” and soon rooted it out from beneath the straw.

What did it turn out to be but a Pearl that by some chance had been lost in the yard?

“You may be a treasure,” quoth Master Cock, “to men that prize you, but for me I would rather have a single barley-corn than a peck of pearls.”

Precious things are for those that can prize them.

cock gallo
strutting pavoneándose
farmyard corral
among entre
hens gallinas
suddenly de repente
espied vio
shinning brillando
amid en medio de
straw paja
quoth dijo (en inglés antiguo)
soon pronto
rooted it out lo sacó
beneath debajo de
turn out to be resultar ser
pearl perla
by some chance por casualidad
lost perdido
yard campo
prize apreciar
would rather preferiría
barley-corn grano de cebada
peck montón
precious valioso